3-Week Chinese Language Training for Foreigners

3-Week Chinese Language Training for Foreigners

Are you passionate, and serious to come to China and learn? Looking for the ultimate and unique place to spend three weeks in China and learn Chinese language while immerse completely in its culture? If your answers are “YES”, then the WTIS’s (in conjunction with The Great Learning Center) intensive adult Learning and Teaching program (L&T) is the program that works best for you! Seek No Others! This program is intense, intuitive, and of course lots of invigorating FUN in everyway that you will forget about its “intensity”. You will find no other Program like this guaranteed!




We understand that many English speakers are interested in the type of Chinese language training that involves real world experiences, and which is more hands-on than just sitting in a college classroom. At the same time, many foreign teachers tell us they want to learn real Chinese culture. Well, real Chinese culture is the specialty of the Taihu School environment. Martial arts, Chinese medicine, calligraphy, meditation, Chinese cooking, harmony with nature, Chinese music, … all of these topics are taught at our school whereas you would be hard-pressed to find them in a curriculum elsewhere.




Therefore the L&T program offers a three-week program designed specifically for students to learn, explore, and experience Chinese language & culture taken place in our campus located in Jiang Su Province of China. (About one hour drive away from Shanghai) Not only does this program provides daily academic Chinese language courses, but also culture lectures on Chinese Calligraphy, Traditional Tea Ceremony, Zen Meditation, Martial Arts, Conceptual knowledge in Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Chinese Literature Recitation and many more!


Why not spend 3 weeks with us, immersed in Chinese culture and language training. Food and housing are provided, you only need a ticket! WTIS is looking forward to your coming.




何不花三週的時間,讓自己完全沉浸在語言學習和中國文化的環境裡。食宿都為你打點好了,你只需要一張機票。 太湖大學堂期待你的加入。


About WTIS – Taihu Great Learning Center

The WujiangTaihu International School (WTIS) – Taihu Great Learning Center, founded with the goals of spreading Chinese cultural thought and the self-cultivation practices inherent within Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, continues carrying forward the original spirit of Nan Huai-Chin by periodically offering adult training seminars for individuals and organizations. A typical training course, conducted over a 1-4 day period, might include how-to lessons on: Meditation, Confucian Introspection, Human Health and Nutrition, Practical Chinese Medicine.

Our goal is to offer a combination of the best of Eastern and Western culture–such as views by Lao Tzu, Kuan Tzu, Lieh Tzu, Mencius, Confucius, and Shakyamuni Buddha that can be combined with Western science and management methods, which will lead us to apply their great spirit better throughout our daily life time.




About the Program

The Learning and Teaching program at WTIS offers two sessions per year with each session for a period of 3 weeks.  It is a full-time, intensive education program designed for those who desires to accelerate their learning in Chinese language and learning about Chinese culture through daily language courses, lectures and seminars.  Typically, the enrollment class per session is limited to 15 to 40 students.

This program is designed and intended for recent college graduates and/or career changers with passion to learn Chinese language and culture, while given the opportunity to teach as an integral part of the program curriculum.  Students will study and reside in the WTIS campus, located in the suburbs of Jiang Su Province in China and immerse themselves in a predominately Chinese environment where accelerating both their written and verbal Chinese language skills as well as an in depth understanding of Chinese culture through critical works in the program are their primary objective. The program will provide students with an opportunity towards the end of the program for a weekend to one of the most famous and historical mountins in China:  Huang Shan or Wu Dang Mountin.  This unique and effective 3 weeks program involves both the Learning and Teaching components on a daily basis, although the teaching aspects of the program is minimal as compare to the learnig aspect.





The Learning Aspect: Students enrolled in the program will be learning through daily routined courses that are specifically designed and thoughtfully placed into three main categories:

Daily Chinese Language courses: Students will attend Chinese language courses on a daily basis to enhance and accelerate basic verbal and written Chinese language skills. The course will also involve Chinese character recognition through special programs and methods of teaching to drastically improve character recognition.

Weekly Chinese Culture lectures: Students will attend three times a week on lectures of the following topics: Chinese Literature Recitation, Traditional Chinese Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Basic Acupuncture Concept, Concept of Yin and Yang, Introductionto Taoism, as well as Zen Meditation and Chi, tought by WTIS faculty members who are experts in their areas of specialization.

Daily Self Study: Students will spend 2 hours dedicated to self study as part of the program, and during this period of time program teachers will be assigned to monitor and attend to students’ personal language skill developments, Q&A, and feedbacks.

The Teaching Aspect:  Students enrolled in the program will be required to dedicate a small fraction of their time in teaching and/or coaching in selected topic during the course of their program.  This is part of the curriculum targeted to strengthen, and practice their day to day communication skills a through teaching or coaching environment to a group of Chinese working professionals and local Chinese students (1st grade to 6th grade).  Students will be required to elect one or more teaching courses in the topics provided of their choices to fulfill the teaching aspects of the program.  Selected topics for students to teach can be found in the application form under section “Teaching Aspect – Topics you would like to Teach”.







Program Schedule

The program offers fall and spring enrollments. The fall program starts early November through end of November.  The spring program starts in March.  Specific dates of the program for the year will be specified in the application form for that particular enrollment year. The two programs are identical, and students wish to enroll both period in the same program year are welcomed to do so, and returned students will be given the choice to focus and strengthen one to two particular area of language culture studies by request.

Admission Process

Admission: Admission to the program is limited to full-time students only. Students are expected to room and board entirely at the WTIS campus, and complete the entire program in an non interruped three weeks time with their entering class.

Confirm that you are eligible to apply: WTIS Learning and Teaching program is open to qualified candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from an accredited college or university. Applicants must be responsible on their own to obtain proper visas to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and to ensure that their visas are valid through their period of enrollment.  WTIS is not responsible to apply (or consult) visas for applicants.

Application Submission Dates: Application must be received no later than October 1st  of the same calendar year for the fall session, and January 24th for the spring session.

Program fee:                         USD 3,500. Please note program fee DOES NOT includes

airfare,visa application fee, personal expenses during filed trips, medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.

Accommodation:      Fall session: Nov 03rd ~ Dec 23rd, 2013

Spring session: Mar 9th ~ Mar 29th, 2014

Meals (3 meals per day) are included with accommodation



Important Dates

Application submission:   

Fall session:  before Oct 1st, 2013,

Spring session: before Jan 24th, 2014


Payment date:                                 

Fall session:    before Oct 5th, 2013

Spring session: before Jan 29th, 2014


Program starting date: 

Fall session:              Nov 03rd, 2013

Spring session: Mar 9th, 2014












課程費用:       3,500美元。




住宿:               秋季課程        2013年11月03日〜2013年11月23日

春季課程        2014年03月09日〜2014年03月29日





申請提交日:            秋季課程: 2013年10月1日之前

春季課程: 2014年1月24日之前


繳費日期:                秋季會議: 2013年10月5日之前

春季會議: 2014年1月29日之前


開課日期:                   秋季課程: 2013年11月03日

春季課程: 2014年03月09日