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Gemini 2 Equatorial Positioning System FEATURES Full Color Graphic Touchscreen clearly demonstrates all capabilities Automobile color vary from birth to dusk Basic four-button sample for driving, centering, moving and slewing on both touch screen along with a responsive membrane about the rear (Click for REAR VIEW) 1 star alignment Multi celebrity modeling for correct going on both sides of meridian 30 arcsec all air accuracy or better For Losmandy GM8, G-11 &amp supports Support utilising the Programmable Gear Price function is mounted by custom Selectable GOTO, Focusing, Slewing and Driving Price GO-TO rates up to 8 degs/sec (GM8) DC Servos for improved reliability with higher torque and simpler monitoring than stepper motors GPS- appropriate for phone that is optional Stand alone process. No speeding up a mac PC needed! From anyplace employing ASCOM, a visitor, or APP within the website or serial port Ethernet 10/100 with complete IP purpose permits functioning Non-Volatile Real-Time and Memory Clock Internal Battery maintains preferences and adjustments kept between uses British Spanish & German exhibits More than 40 Two slots; Online NET to to ASCOM Laptop or system software Port Y – multi function serial; A I/E Firmware update via internet Permanennt correction Automobile-Manual dock (TTL) Auto switch tracking rates User establish Park functionality Research purpose Determine functionality Polar Guide Polar Axis Correction User determine limit stops Lasting Dec Backlash compensation Electric Stability Graph Comet and sidereal Lunar, Solar closed-loop /user-defined following prices Connect function Coordinate feedback Bookmark collection for the items that are favorite All objects displayed available controller are apparent Click here for the 2 FAQ Specifications subject to change

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